Puppy news


Here You see our I and J puppies on 5 of December in 2010 http://www.hot.ee/montanabern/video.htm 





29.09.2019 was born our I2 litter Bernese puppies- 3 girls and 5 boys

                                 Father:      EST JCH

                                                 DOUGLAS ALPIU SLENIS "TROLL" 
                                                                            HD: A/A    ED:   0/0
                                                         DM: puhas/clear (exon1 ja/and exon2)
                                                         Sünd/Born: 22.03.2018 

                                                         Omanik/Owner:  kennel Margarita Nigra ja/and Enn Reimann




                                      Mother:      EST CH                                                         
                                                          MARGARITA NIGRA OCARINA "LOTTE"
                                                                             Beebi/Baby- HP BOBB, Juunior/Junior-EXC, Ava/Open- EST CH CACIB BOB
                                                                             HD:  B/C     
ED: 0/0
                                                          DM: puhas/clear (exon1 ja/and exon2)
                                                          Sünd./Born 22.04.2012  



12 of October. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks of age
Girls  1   2   3

Boys   1   2   3   4   5

Girls and boys

1.10.2019. Second day of babies life.