Speciality 2018

6 of May in 2018 EŠAKT Speciality in Pärnu
Judge Istvanne Juhasz from Hungary

Margarita Nigra Darrel- HP/1 BOBP Puppy BIS/1

Margarita Nigra Daiki- HP/2

Margarita Nigra Dorothea- HP/1 BOOP

Male open
Fortuneia Arcturus Margarita Nigra- EXC/2 CQ BM/4 CAC. Archie will be Estonian Champion!

Female junior
Latolly Top Natura- EXC/2 CQ BF/4

Female youth
Margarita Nigra Astoria- EXC/3

Female open
Margarita Nigra Ocarina- EXC/3

Kevadshow in Pärnu

1 of May was Pärnu Kevadshow- (babies, puppies, juniors and veterans)

Judges Linda Jürgens and Dina Korna

Our "Tõru" Margarita Nigra Dorothea was on her first show- BOBP, Puppy BIS/1, BIS/2

ABC birthday

4 of November we celebrated our A2 litter 1 year anniversary. Also were B2 and C2 invite over.
After walk in the forest we injoyed food and cake for human and also for dogs. Big thanks to all guests!

Pictures are on the Gallery page.

Same day wonderful news from our proud father of A2, B2 and D2 litter.
Tartu International Dog Show
Milbu Maximus To Margarita Nigra (champion)- EXC/1 CQ BM/1 CACIB BOB BIG/4!

Bernese puppies

We have D2 and E2 Litter of Bernese.
More info on the Puppy news page.

Speciality 2017

1 of May 2017 EŠAKT Speciality in Pärnu
Judge Dina Korna Estonia

Male Baby:
Margarita Nigra Concerto- HP/1 BOBB BISSB

Female Baby:
Margarita Nigra Amira- HP/3

Margarita Nigra Armanda- 4

Margarita Nigra Astoria- HP/2

Male Youth:
Milbu Maximus To Margarita Nigra- EXC/1 CQ BM/4

Male Open
Fortuneia Arcturus Margarita Nigra- EXC/1 CQ CAC BM/3

Male Veteran
Margarita Nigra Forel- EXC/1 CQ VetCAC BOBV BISSV

Female Junior
Margarita Nigra Xena Brita- EXC/2 CQ

Female Open
Margarita Nigra Ocarina- EXC/3 CQ

Margarita Nigra Vandura- VG

Margarita Nigra Virginia- EXC/2 CQ

Female Champion:
Margarita Nigra Nizza- EXC/2 CQ
Margarita Nigra Nizza- HP/1 BOB Progeny

Margarita Nigra- HP/2

Tallinn, 11-12.03.2017

National Dog Show in Tallinn

Judge: Galyna Kalinichenko, Ukraine
Cardigans: Margarita Nigra Yuliana (female junior) - EXC/2 CQ BF/2
Judge: Tatjana Romanovskaya, Belarus
Bernese: Margarita Nigra Ocarina (female open) - EXC/2

Kohtunik: Anna Redlicka, Poland
Cardigans: Margarita Nigra Yuliana (female junior) - EXC/3
Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari
Bernese: Margarita Nigra Ocarina (female open) - EXC/1 CQ CAC BF/1 BOB